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Introduction to CartoVista - Viewer Overview

This article gives you an overview of the CartoVista viewer, its features, its different tabs and panels and how to use it.

    The CartoVista Viewer is where you can view your maps, discover and manage your themes. It is also the place where you can make your analyses, save them and share them.


     You can open your map in the viewer from the CartoVista server by clicking on it in the map gallery. For more information, click here.

     This is what you see when you open the CartoVista Viewer.


     1. This is the title of your map. You can return to the CartoVista server by clicking on the "back" arrow.


     2. This is the CartoVista toolbar. You can navigate through your map, manage the type of selection, search by address, draw annotations and/or isochrones, etc. To learn more about these tools, click here.


     3. This is the thematic library that allows you to navigate between your different maps and analyses. They are created directly in the CartoVista Publisher. To learn more, click here.

     You can also create a temporary theme (which you can then save in your viewer) by clicking on the black +. To learn more, click here.


     4. The data panel is set up when you prepare your map in the CartoVista Publisher. This allows you to perform accurate spatial and numerical analyses. To learn more about this tool, click here.


     5. The top right buttons.

     These buttons will allow you to change the language of your CartoVista viewer, request help, view your latest notifications, get information about your user and the CartoVista product and save your session.

Icon Description
save Allows you to save and/or open a session.
print Allows you to configure your printing.
languages Allows you to select the language for your server (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Turkish)
socials Allows you to share your map on social networks.
help This is the help button (you can take a tour of the CartoVista server or go to our Knowledge base)
notification You will see the list of your notifications
user You will have some details on your own user
cartovista You will have some details on the software (updates, etc.)


     6. and 7. The side panel

     The top right side panel can be opened by clicking on the icons. You can choose to display : 


             - The search panel, to learn more about this panel, click here.

charts            - The charts panel, to learn more about this panel, click here.

layers          - The layer control panel, to learn more about this panel, click here.

infotool          - The information panel, to learn more about this panel, click here.


8. The legend

legend     You can view the interactive legend of your map in the bottom left panel. This legend is interactive and editable directly in the CartoVista viewer. To learn more, click here.


     9. Metadata and annotation tools.

     If you click on the metadata and drawing and annotation tools, they will open instead of the legend. 

metadata     Here is the metadata icon, which allows you to see additional information about your map (signature, copyright etc.). To learn more, click here.

drawing     Here is the icon for drawings and annotations, it allows you to see your notes etc. To learn more, click here.