Image Carousel Available in the Information Panel

You can display one or more images with a URL link in the information panel and/or in the data tip.


The ImageURL column type has been enhanced to present the images as a carousel in the information panel. You can also include images in the data tip.

     1. To activate the image carousel, simply select the column containing URLs to valid images (for a local file). To discover how to do it on the portal, click here.

     2. Select "Data Type" and set the type to "ImageURL".


     3. Add the column with the URL links in the "Data Tip" and "Info View" tabs of the "Interactivity" window.



     4. You can now view the images with the "Data Tip" tool and the "Info View" tool.


You can create a carousel of several images by adding several columns of URLs. You will find all the information related to your images and you will be able to see it in full-screen mode by clicking on the photo in the info tool.

The carousel will be visible only from the information panel (not with the data tip).