View the legend of your map

The Legend panel contains information on the thematic analyses displayed on the map, as well as the map layers' styles.



- Legend tools,

- Information displayed,

- Selecting features,

- Legend settings,

Legend tools


Icons Description
legend-export Export the legend in PNG format.
show Display the layer style(s) or thematic analysis style(s).
hide Hide the layer style(s) or thematic analysis style(s).
visibility Hide a layer and its thematic analyses. This checkbox is synchronized with the layer control. You can turn the visibility of a layer back on from the layer control. Note that you can also manage the visibility of each style in a map layer independently.
hide Access the legend settings


Information displayed


Icons Description
layer-legend Each layer name is displayed in bold.
thematic-name-edition Each thematic analysis name has a grey background.
feature-number The number of features per class is shown in parenthesis next to the layer class, range or individual value style.
out-of-ranges When you manually change the ranges and there are values outside of the ranges, a new item called "Out of ranges" is added to the legend.
na When displaying a thematic analysis with missing data, the data is classified as not available (N/A).

Selecting features

      Select map features by clicking on a range or an individual value in the legend. The map features will be highlighted on the map and displayed in the Selection panel.



Legend settings

     The Legend Settings panel is used to configure how thematic analyses are displayed. The content is automatically adjusted depending on the Types of Thematic Analysis being displayed. When you make changes, they are immediately visible on the map and in the corresponding table and graph.


     The settings that are always available are:

Icons Description
thematic-name-edition Rename the current thematic analysis.
opacity Insert the percentage directly in the text box or drag the slider to the desired level of opacity.
remove Remove the current thematic analysis from the map.
cancel Cancel the changes.
ok Accept the changes.

     For thematic analyses on string thematic data, you can reorder the legend items by grabbing the handles and using drag and drop.