View your charts on your map viewer

The Charts panel is used to view the thematic data graphically.

     Here is the chart icon on your viewer



  • The name of the thematic data is displayed as the title of the chart.
  • If a thematic analysis is currently displayed on the map, the same colours will be used in the corresponding chart.
  • When mousing over a chart item, a data tip is displayed on the chart and the corresponding map feature is highlighted on the map.
  • Double-click on a chart item to zoom to the feature on the map.




Icons Description


Use the chart name drop-down to view another chart.
add Add a new chart to the map. See the Chart Settings section for more information.

Export the chart to either a raster image (.PNG) or a vector graphic (.SVG). When exporting to vector format, the content can be scaled without impacting the quality.

settings Access to the Charts Settings.
chart-area Add a new chart area.
remove-chart-area Remove a chart area.

     Charts Settings

     The Charts Settings are used to modify the charts created in the Viewer interface or created previously with the Publisher. The settings available vary depending on the type and origin of the charts.


     The Chart Settings are:




Modify the name of the chart.


Exit the settings menu.

layer Select the map layer.
thematic-data Select the thematic data.

Modify the thematic data colour.


Select one of the following chart type.

column-chart Vertical bar.
pie-chart Circle divided into sectors whose central angle is proportional to their frequency on a scale expressed as absolute values and as percentages.
line-chart Points connected by a line.
area-chart Data whose frequencies are proportional to the area under the line.
scatter-chart Set of points used to establish the degree of correlation between two thematic data.

Sort entities in ascending order according to the selected thematic data.


Display the total value of all rows.


Display the total value of the selected thematic data while displaying the share of each.


Display the selected map features only.


Eliminate the effect of very high or low values.

trend-line Display the best fit line for the correlation between two thematic data in a scatter chart.

Remove the current chart.


Cancel the changes.

ok Accept the changes.