Use the Info Panel on the viewer

The information panel allows you to view a large amount of data related to your point, polygon or line, and even images or hyperlinks.

     The Information panel is used to access information on the map features that intersect with a specific point on the map and display the coordinates. This information is displayed once you click on the map with the Info tool from the Map Toolbar (these two icons).



     Here is the information panel:


Learn how to: 

Choose the available information

     You need to define what information will be available in this panel when you create your map in the CartoVista Publisher.


    To learn more, click here.

Group your data

     You can also group your information so that it is in the same category in the information panel. This must be defined in the CartoVista Publisher.


     To learn more, click here.

Add images

    Finally, you can add images to the information panel. This must be defined in the CartoVista Publisher.



     To learn more, click here.

Time-based information

The info tool allows you to see the aggregated information as well as the individual time records for each feature.

The aggregated information will be displayed first. You can see the aggregation method in brackets for each data.

The gray area shows the individual values for each time record. You can navigate through the different records using the arrows in the top right-hand corner of the gray area.


To learn more on time-based vector data, here are additional articles:

List view and Description view     

     List of features:

     The info tool results are displayed as a list of items where each layer and individual map features are identified.


     This panel provides the following information:

  • The name of each layer is preceded by an icon identifying the layer geometry type (point, polyline, polygon) and is followed by the number of map features at this specific point on the map.
  • An overview of the style is shown next to each map feature listed.

     Description of each map feature

     When clicking on one of the items listed, the information panel displays details about that specific map feature.



     The coordinates can also be displayed in the information panel. The coordinates will be displayed wherever you click on the map, whether there is a map feature at that location or not.



     The options available in this panel are:

Icons Description

Copy data to the clipboard.


Activate Feature Navigation. This will allow you to navigate from one feature to another in your layer. The order is defined by the map creator in the Interactivity settings.

settings Access the Information Settings

View information for the previous feature.


Return to the list of map features. In addition, this button shows the total number of map features overlapping this specific point in the map.

next-feature View information for the next feature