Data Gallery

The Data tab allows you to manage your server layers, data tables and grid layers.


ℹ️   The Data tab is only available to Map Creators and Administrators (see user roles for more information)

You can do the following actions:

    Search Data


    You can search a layer by entering the characters of the Name in the Search text box. The corresponding list will be displayed

    Add Data

    See our dedicated article. Check the different data types supported by the CartoVista Server.

    View the List of Data

    The list displays the following information: Name, Type, Records, Author, Modified Date.

    You can do the following actions:

    • Display Data: Display all data, layers only or data tables only using the toggle buttons.



    Create folders and organize your Data

    Click Add folder to create a folder.add-folder

    You can rename your folder when the Details panel is open, and you can change its colour.rename-folder

    Drag and drop data or folders to add them to your folder. You can also use the Move To action to move your data or folders.move-to

    Folders can only be deleted when they are empty.delete-folder

    Download the List of Data


    You can download the list in XLSX format. The following information is available: Name, Type, Records, Author, Creation Date, Modified Date, Access Permissions (User Name), Access Permissions (Email), Modify Permissions (User Name), Modify Permissions (Email).


    Refresh the List of Layers


    Refresh the list to view additions and changes made by other users.