Update a layer or a data table

Use the update function of the CartoVista Server to update the content of all maps using the same dataset.

Click on your dataset in the list view of available datasets to open the information panel. Click on the three dots menu on the top right-hand corner of the information panel, and select Update.


You can also click directly on the three dots in the Action column of the list view.

Then, Browse your computer to the ZIP or Excel file that contains the modified version of a layer. You can also drag and drop the ZIP or Excel file in the upload window. Make sure that the new file contains all the data columns of the previous version.


A window shows you the process of the layer update.


A window shows the number of records before and after the layer update.


You can pick the data columns that you wish to add.


When you click Finish, the layer is updated.

The notifications will inform you of the progression of the update process.