Map Gallery

The Maps tab displays the map gallery in a grid or list view. Here is what you can do in the Map Gallery

Table of content:

  1. Search a Map
  2. Add a Map
    1. Add a Map output folder to the CartoVista Server
    2. Publish a map from the CartoVista Publisher
  3. View Map Gallery
  4. Create folders and organize your maps
  5. Download the list of maps
  6. Refresh the list of maps
  7. View and edit map details

Search a Map


You can search a map by entering the characters of a Title or Keywords in the Search text box. The corresponding list will be displayed

Add a New Map

There are two ways to add a new map:

  • Add a map output folder to the CartoVista Server.
  • Publish a map window from the CartoVista Publisher.

ℹ️    Adding a map is only available to Map Creators and Administrators (see user roles for more information).

Add a Map Output Folder to the CartoVista Server


Click Add Map, then browse your computer to the ZIP file that contains the output folder of a map. You can also drag and drop the ZIP file in the upload window.


This ZIP file of the output folder of a map can be created from the corresponding map window in the CartoVista Publisher. Click on the Open HTML drop-down menu and select Create ZIP.


Once the map is added, the Add a New Map Window is displayed.

Publish a Map from the CartoVista Publisher

See Publish your map on your CartoVista Server.

View Map Gallery

The maps can be organized in a Grid or List view.



You can do the following actions:

  • Sort maps: You can choose a sorting mode from the drop-down menu to reorder the maps. The maps can be displayed in alphabetical order of their title or in chronological order of their creation.
  • Open the map: Click on the thumbnail to open the map in the CartoVista Viewer interface.

  • View details: Click on the map title to View Map Details in the side panel.



The list displays the following information: Image, Title, Author, Modified Date.list

You can do the following actions:

Create folders and organize your maps

Click Add folder to create a folder.add-foler-maps

You can rename your folder when the Details panel is open, and you can change its colour.rename-folder

Drag and drop your maps or folders to add them to your folder. drap-drop-map

Folders can only be deleted when they are empty.delete-folders-map

Download the List of Maps


You can download the list in XLSX format. The following information is available: Title, Creation Date, Modified Date, Access Permissions, Access Permissions (Email), Modify Permissions, Modify Permissions (Email).download_list_other_users

If you are a Map Gallery user, the following information is available: Title, Creation Date, Modified Date (see user roles for more information).

Refresh the List of Maps


Refresh the list to view additions and changes made by other users.

View and edit Map Details

See our dedicated article.