Map details

Click on the name of a map to open de Map Details Panel, view and edit map details.

The details panel has six sections:


The header displays the following information:

  • Title: Click on the title of the map to edit it.
  • Other Actions: Click on the options button (...) to do the following actions: Update a Map or Delete a Map.
  • Close: Click X to close the details panel.


Map Thumbnail

The map thumbnail allows you to do the following actions:

  • Change Thumbnail: Click Change Thumbnail to replace the image displayed by another file. The size of the image must be a minimum of 466 x 286 pixels.
  • Open the map: Click on the thumbnail to open the map in the CartoVista Viewer interface.



The Information tab displays the following information:

  • Identifier: When the map is added from the CartoVista Server, the identifier is created by default. When the map is added from the CartoVista Publisher, the map identifier determined in the map window is used.

  • Author: Name of the user who created the map.
  • Description: A description that will be displayed on the map Help Tour when a user first opens the map, and in the Metadata Window when activated.
  • Creation Date: Date and time of the creation of the map.
  • Modified Date: Date and time of the last update of the map.
  • Keywords: A list of keywords is automatically created from the name of layers and the theme sets of the map. You can modify this list by adding or removing keywords.

  • URL: Direct link to view the map in the CartoVista Viewer interface.



The Links tab displays the list of Server Layers, Server Data Tables and Server Grid Layers used in this map. You can click on any layer or data table to access its properties.



The Permissions tab displays the following information:

  • Public: The Public option allows you to share maps without having to manage accounts for users. When this option is enabled, the map is accessible without authentication. If not, it is available only for specific users. When a public map uses server layers and data tables, they must be public too.
  • Editable: Activate the edition tool to edit your layers.
  • Composite Variable Scoring: Activate the Scoring tool to analyze your data by combining several variables.
  • Access Permissions: Users and groups who have access permission can view the map.

  • Modify Permissions: Users and groups who have modify permission can: modify map details, update a map and delete a map.



The SEO tab allows you to enter a title and description that will be used as SEO content for public maps.