Add a New Map Window

The Add a New Map window pops up when you add a map to your portal.

The Add a New Map window displays the following information:

  • Thumbnail: The default thumbnail can be replaced by clicking Change Thumbnail and uploading a new file. The size of the image must be a minimum of 466 x 286 pixels. Note that you can also Edit Thumbnail in the CartoVista Publisher before adding the map to the CartoVista Server.
  • Title: Click on the title of the map to edit it.
  • Identifier: When the map is added from the CartoVista Server, the identifier is created by default. When the map is added from the CartoVista Publisher, the map identifier determined in the map window is used.

  • Author: Name of the user who created the map.
  • Description: A description that will be displayed on the map Help Tour when a user first opens the map.
  • Creation Date: Date and time of the creation of the map.
  • Access Permissions: Users and groups who have access permission can view the map.

  • Modify Permissions: Users and groups who have modify permission can:

    • Modify map details
    • Update a Map
    • Delete a Map
  • Keywords: A list of keywords is automatically created from the name of layers and the theme sets of the map. You can modify this list by adding or removing keywords.


Click Add to confirm the addition of this map.