Viewer Configuration - Map Interface

The "Map Interface" section is used to define the interface of the map, whether it is to add metadata, scale, north arrow etc.

     Click on the "Viewer Configuration" option in the top bar.


     The Map Interface tab is divided into five sections:

          - Map Notice,

          - Map Interface Options,

          - Address Search and Routing,

          - Feature rollover,

          - Bottom panel.


Map Notice

     The Map Notice section or metadata section allows you to note information such as sources or the copyright on your map, to learn more about this section, click here.

Map Interface Options


     Check all the options that you wish to be available in the map interface.

Option Description Published Map Overview
Show Scalebar

Shows a graphic representation of distances on the map. The map unit and the numeric scale are also displayed.

Show Zoom bar Shows a set of buttons to zoom in or zoom out on the map. zoombar
Show Overviews Map

Shows the geographic context of the main map, at a smaller scale. This allows you to view the area covered by the main map. In addition, you can pan the map by clicking inside the overview map.

Note that the overview map will appear only if there is a tile provider on your map.

You can choose the zoom ratio between your map and the overview map.

Show North Arrow Shows an indicator of geographic north. north-arrow

Address Search and Routing



     These two features use Microsoft Bing or Here Maps geocoding capabilities. A valid license must be paid to use this option. To learn more about these capabilities and how to use your license, click here.

          - Address Search

     Pick your licence on the menu. This option allows you to navigate directly to a specific location on the map, using an address, place name or postal code.


          - Routing

    Pick your licence on the menu. This option allows you to perform route calculations on your map (according to different means of transportation, simulating road traffic, etc.).

     Click on the icon in your map:


    A new routing panel will open on the right and a route will appear on your map 

You can also define your starting and ending point on your map.


     Feature rollover


     Feature Rollover: Enables a rollover effect whenever the mouse is over a map feature that is in an interactive layer.


          - Effect: Applies an outer glow or stroke effect.

          - Colour: Opens the Color Picker dialogue to define a colour for the effect. To learn more about the Color Picker, click here.

          - Size: Sets the outer glow or stroke width in pixels.


     Bottom panel


          - Grid Profile Analysis: This option allows you to use the Raster Grid Profile Analysis button to analyze any raster grid data within your maps. To learn more on this option, click here.



          - Time View: This option allows you to use the temporal analysis button to create views and charts on your Raster/Grid layer. To learn more on this option, click here.