Analysis criteria and default themesets

Several parameters can be set to help you create and edit territories.

You can access the menu to set these parameters by clicking the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the territory panel:access-parameters

ℹ️    You will need to be a Territory Manager user to access this menu.


These settings can be modified at any time.

Analysis criteria

Analysis criteria will help you during territory creation or modification. They are statistical data associated with your block layer, aggregated at the territory level in a table view while you create or modify a territory.

Click on select-analysis-criteria to select your criteria among the data column associated with the block layer:


Once analysis criteria have been chosen, they can be changed using bouton-selection-criteres-d-analyse.

For each criterion, additional parameters can be set:

  • Target value: a target value to be achieved for every territory can be set. This will not be a constraint on territory creation, but it can serve as an indication.
  • Show deviation: you can choose to show the deviation between the value in your current territories and the target value


These two drop-down lists allow you to choose themesets to be displayed…

  • ... in the global view: when the user is not creating nor editing a territory
  •  … in the territory view: when the user is creating or editing a territory


These themesets are created by the map creator.

Note that the latest themesets used by the user will take precedence over the themesets planned and selected by the creator of the map.