Territory Status

The different statuses of the territories allow you to manage in the same map your prospective and official territories.

Official and prospective territories

All territories have a status. They can either be:

  1. An official territory: official territories are in current production use. They can only be modified by Territory Managers.
  2. prospective territory: prospective territories are study or prospect territories. They can be modified by any user. The Free mode can be activated for these territories.

The territory Manager interface allows you to visualize the status of any territory, and modify it.

See the status of a territory

In the list view of Territory Manager left-hand side panel, territories’ names are displayed according to their status:

  • Territories in bold are official territories
  • Territories in regular font are prospective territories.


When editing a territory, the status is visible under the territory name: territory-status-1

The status of a territory is also available in the table view, in the bottom panel:status-table-view

The themeset Territory By Status also allows you to visualize the territories according to their status on the map.status-on-the-map

Filters can be applied in the list view:filter-status

Change the status of a territory

By clicking on the three dots menu in the list view of the Territory Manager panel, you can change the status of a territory:change-territory-status

Only Territory Manager users can change the status of official territories, or make prospective territories become official territories.