Territory settings: block sharing rules and primary trade area

Within each territory, exclusif blocks can be selected from a zone. A primary trade area can also be selected from all the zones.

The Settings section allows you to manage, for each territory, the Primary trade area, as well as the rules for sharing blocks with other territories.territory-settings

Primary Trade Area

The primary trade area defines the geographic area that is officially awarded to a point of sale. This set of blocks usually makes up 60% or more of the store sales.

Block sharing and exclusivity

Three parameters allow you to define the rules for sharing blocks:

  • Enable exclusivity within: blocks in the chosen area will not be used by other territories, unless Free Mode is enabled for those territories.
  • Establishment block is exclusive: the establishment block is the block in which the point of sale is located. When it is exclusive, no other point of sale can be added on this block. This rule is activated by default.
  • Free Mode: When activated, Free Mode allows to ignore the constraints of other territories. A territory in Free Mode can use exclusive blocks from another territory. Free Mode is not available for official territories.