Share your data

The Permissions tab in the information panel of your dataset allows you to choose which user can view and/or edit this dataset.

Click on one of your datasets in the list view of available datasets to open the information panel. Go to the Permissions tab to manage permissions. You can enable the Public option by clicking the toggle or enter a user's name in the text area. You can also use the list of users which will appear to select your user or group.


Here is what these parameters allow you to do:

  • Public: The Public option allows you to share data tables without having to manage accounts for users. When this option is enabled, the data table is accessible without authentication. If not, it is available only for specific users.
  • Access Permission: Users and groups who have access permission can:
    • View a dataset.
    • Use a dataset linked to a server layer in the CartoVista Publisher.
  • Modify Permission: Users and groups who have a modify permission can: