Set up your label properties

The Label Style Properties are used to set the font properties when labelling is enabled on a layer.

     This section is available in the following dialogues:

          - Point Style properties,

          - Polyline Style properties,

          - Polygon Style properties,


Font: Selects the font used to display the points. The CartoVista Publisher requires using Open Fonts to allow publishing content on the Web. A tab is available in the Font drop-down to help the users identify the Open Fonts. In case the map is using System Fonts, meaning that those fonts are not open, the user will be requested to confirm that they have purchased a license to allow those fonts to be published on the Web.

  • Style: Selects the style RegularBoldItalic or Bold & Italic.
  • Size: Sets the size of the font.
  • Colour: Opens the Color Picker dialogue to define the font colour.

Effects: Enable the checkboxes to apply the following effects:

  • Drop Shadow: Creates a shadow effect for the points. Open the Color Picker dialogue to define the drop shadow colour.
  • Halo: Creates a halo effect around the points. Open the Color Picker dialogue to define the halo colour.

    Background: You can apply a background to the labels.
  • None: No background is drawn for the label.

  • Colour: A solid colour is drawn behind the label. Open the Color Picker dialogue to define the background colour.

  • Image: A graphic image is drawn behind the label. Use the drop-down to select any of the images that were added to the Styles Manager for use as background images. This option is useful to create road shields for example.

    Priority: This option controls the priority for the label style. Priority ranges from 1 (low) to 10 (high). Priority determines which labels are drawn first when labelling a layer. Note: priority is only used in the published map.

  • Prevent Label Display: This option is only available if you have purchased the Tile Module of the CartoVista Publisher. When you are using a multiple style class for a layer, you can enable this check box for a specific class only in order to display the feature style but not its label. This option is useful when creating a tile base map in a tile window. For example, you may want to display a point for all the cities, but display a label for the most populated cities only.