Manage date-time data

You can choose how to import and display date-time data in your maps.

ℹ️   Make sure the column type is Date/Time in your Shapefile or Excel file before importing your dataset.

  1. In your dataset properties on the CartoVista Server, set your data type as Date/Time, and click Save:set-data-type-as-datetime
    Check out this article if you need more information on how to do this.
  2. In your CartoVista Publisher, create a map with this dataset (more information here)
  3. Double click on your layer in the Layer Control to access its properties. In the Data tab, add your columns (more information here).
  4. Click on the column that contains your date time information. manage-date-time
    In your column's parameters, the Date section allows you to choose how the date information should be read and displayed.
    For instance, if you don't need to display the time information, enter YYYY-MM-DD as the Display Date Format.
    In the data tip, info view and table view of your map, the date information will look like this:date-time-display