Create a new Composite Variable Scoring Analysis

This new feature, accessible directly from the CartoVista viewer, will allow you to create calculations that will be displayed instantly on your map.


     1. Once your map is published on the CartoVista server, you need to activate the "Composite Variable Scoring Analysis" option. To do this, click on your map > on "Permissions" > check the "Composite Variable Scoring Analysis" option.


     2. Specific permissions can be granted once this option is activated: choose the users who will be able to view or modify your analyses.permissions-scoring-analysis

ℹ️   Only Map Creators with Modification permissions on a layer will be able to create a score analysis on that layer.

     3. The left panel of the Composite Variable Scoring Analysis will be activated by default when you open your map. Then click on "New Analysis".



     4. Choose your layer and the variable you want to analyze in the dialogue. You can also choose the name of your analysis. 



You can select several variables by clicking on them.

You can also choose the type of mathematical influence this variable will have on your score result (positive, inverse or target value).


    5. Your analysis will now be displayed in the Composite Variable Scoring Analysis panel on the left side of your map.