Advanced tools for territory editing

The advanced tools, available to all users, allow you to modify your site, analyze distances from your site, or export data from your territory.

These advanced tools are available by clicking on the button to the right of the territory name outils-avances.territory-manager-advanced-tools

Edit data

This tool allows you to edit your territory’s associated data. Those data are shared by the territory and its points of sale.

When a new territory has been created, all attribute values are set to “null”.edit-territory-data

You can enter a new value for any of these fields.enter-territory-data

This tool is available to users who have modification permission on the point of sale layer.

Redefine territory

It is always possible to redefine your territory’s area using a drive time or a distance from the point of sale, as on territory creation.

The redefine-territory-button tool  will get you directly to the second step of territory creation:redefine-territory

You can change the time value or the distance type, then click “Finish” to redefine your territory, or “Cancel” to go back to the previous screen.

Modify site location

This tool will allow you to change the location of the point of sale. You can either enter an address or click on the map to define the location. The new location will be displayed with a blue circle on the map.


Analyze distances

This will allow you to analyze distances from the point of sales to any set of points from another layer of the map. You can for instance analyze distances between your point of sales and its surrounding competitors. Select the point layer and the number of points you want to analyze distances to:analyze-distances-tool

The result is both in the map and in the table view in the bottom panel:

  • On the map, itineraries from your point of sales to the 10 nearest competitors are displayed with lines of different colours. The destination points are highlighted.analyze-distances-itineraries
  • Travel distances and times are available in the table view:analyze-distances-table-view

Export Data

You can export the data associated with your territory, as well as all the data from any other layer that is within your territory to an Excel spreadsheet.

You can choose the layers that will be included in the export. All selected layers will be saved to a different sheet.export-territory-data