Version 6.12

New Features 

  1. Grid layer analysis tooling
  2. Server views
  3. Spatial filter
  4. Polygon and polyline editing support


  1. Jira: CARTOVISTA-62 - Task [Viewer - Polygon/Polyline layer editing]
  2. Jira: CARTOVISTA-845 - Story [Area analysis tool]
  3. Jira: CARTOVISTA-857 - Story [Grid analysis selection tool]
  4. Jira: CARTOVISTA-858 - Bug [RENDERING_FINISHED event not sent when layer change visibility from layer control]
  5. Jira: CARTOVISTA-862 - Bug [Editing mode still active when switching back to "Viewer"]
  6. Jira: CARTOVISTA-866 - Story [Filtre Spatial]
  7. Jira: CARTOVISTA-895 - Story [Add the ability to set which layer drives the map extent when views are defined in the publisher]
  8. Jira: CARTOVISTA-943 - Bug [Grid profile analysis : Line profile shows inversed direction]
  9. Jira: CARTOVISTA-944 - Task [Add button to change the order of the chart line profile ]
  10. Jira: CARTOVISTA-954 - Improvement request [Grid Layer View Charting Adjustments]
  11. Jira: CARTOVISTA-961 - Story [When selecting a feature to use in the grid analysis, it should be selected in the map]


  1. Jira: CARTOVISTA-895 - Story [Add the ability to set which layer drives the map extent when views are defined in the publisher]


  1. Jira: CARTOVISTA-1041 - Bug [Invalid data was found when adding a grid source to a grid layer]
  2. Jira: CARTOVISTA-146 - Bug [The validator message appearing or disappearing should not prevent the user from clicking a button]
  3. Jira: CARTOVISTA-454 - Task [Server - Implement API functionnal support for Grid Layer interaction]
  4. Jira: CARTOVISTA-516 - Bug [Block layers should not have an "update" button]
  5. Jira: CARTOVISTA-538 - Story [Implement behaviour of loading the view(s) rather than the full data set.]
  6. Jira: CARTOVISTA-62 - Task [Viewer - Polygon/Polyline layer editing]
  7. Jira: CARTOVISTA-670 - Bug [Portal - Creating a user without having opened the user detail view before throws an error]
  8. Jira: CARTOVISTA-754 - Bug [Update georeferenced layer issue]
  9. Jira: CARTOVISTA-772 - Bug [Cannot export territory]
  10. Jira: CARTOVISTA-806 - Task [106 stored proc / functions to convert to SqlKata]
  11. Jira: CARTOVISTA-824 - Story [Prevent the ability to set a layer public if it has views]
  12. Jira: CARTOVISTA-844 - Story [Missing permission on joined table should still be able to load map]
  13. Jira: CARTOVISTA-866 - Story [Filtre Spatial]
  14. Jira: CARTOVISTA-880 - Story [Better handle the permission of server layer views]
  15. Jira: CARTOVISTA-884 - Bug [Having a user and a group in the permission of a view duplicates it in the UI]
  16. Jira: CARTOVISTA-885 - Bug [A user who doesn't have access to any view should not see any data]
  17. Jira: CARTOVISTA-886 - Task [Change the route api for the server layer views as it's not clear what any of them are doing]
  18. Jira: CARTOVISTA-887 - Bug [Activating cluster on a tiled server layer with views throws 500 errors in VectorServices]
  19. Jira: CARTOVISTA-888 - Story [Using the rest api to modify features, the views should be re-calculated]
  20. Jira: CARTOVISTA-892 - Bug [MapGallery users can no longer see server layers]
  21. Jira: CARTOVISTA-894 - Story [Add a popup that asks the user to confirm the creation of X views when the X is greater than Y (a system setting).]
  22. Jira: CARTOVISTA-895 - Story [Add the ability to set which layer drives the map extent when views are defined in the publisher]
  23. Jira: CARTOVISTA-902 - Bug [Don't create a column index on Postgres if it contains values longer than 2712 bytes]
  24. Jira: CARTOVISTA-903 - Bug [Grid layer and grid source "Unique identifier" still allow duplicates]
  25. Jira: CARTOVISTA-922 - Bug [Set conditional drop "if exists" for migration script to 6.11 ]
  26. Jira: CARTOVISTA-930 - Bug [Cannot see grid Layers in theme dialog window - Publisher]
  27. Jira: CARTOVISTA-931 - Bug [Uploading a geotiff that has whitespace in it's name doesn't generate overviews]
  28. Jira: CARTOVISTA-932 - Bug [Render not working for grid layer with AWS large file storage]
  29. Jira: CARTOVISTA-933 - Bug [Tenant data usage should use Int64 instead of Int32 in the backend]
  30. Jira: CARTOVISTA-935 - Task [Migration of portal should not 'delete' files before copying the new content]
  31. Jira: CARTOVISTA-938 - Bug [Cannot send data when two upload of data are done at the same time ]
  32. Jira: CARTOVISTA-942 - Bug [Timeout login pop up misalignement]
  33. Jira: CARTOVISTA-946 - Task [WebApi should use both Internal System Identifier or friendly identifier]
  34. Jira: CARTOVISTA-952 - Task [Rest api for maps]