Use the Print Configuration from the CartoVista Publisher

The Print Configuration tab allows you to define your map print settings in a very specific way.

     This is the Print Configuration icon: 


     When the Print Configuration dialogue is launched for the first time, a default print layout will be displayed, including the map, legend, title and date. You can edit the print layout by making the following changes:

          - Manage images,

          - Paper Size and Orientation,

          - Insert Items,

          - Select and Edit Items,

          - Manage Pages.


Manage images


     Click the Manage Images button to open the Print Layout Image Manager dialogue. Click the Add button to browse your computer, add the images of your choice and click OK.


     To insert an image in the print layout:

          1. Click the add image icon in the top bar.


          2. Select the image you wish to add.


          3. Click where you wish to add the image in the print layout.


Paper Size and Orientation


          The tools to set the Paper size and Orientation are:

Tool Description
paper-size Sets the print layout format to one of the configured paper sizes available in the drop-down list.
portrait Changes the paper orientation to portrait (vertical).
landscape Changes the paper orientation to landscape (horizontal).

Insert Items


The various items that can be inserted into the print layout are:

Icons Description
map Map
legend Legend
metadata Metadata
chart Chart
title Title
text Text
date Date
image Image

Select and Edit Items

     Click on any item to select it and change its properties.

     Move and resize

     Click and drag the item to change its position in the layout. You can also drag the corner handles (white squares) to resize the selected item.


     Select Item Tools


     The tools you can use when an item is selected are:

Icons Description
delete-1 Delete.
border Apply a border and select a border width.

Set the border colour.

background-color Set the background colour and opacity.
bring-front Bring to front.
send-back Send to back.
print-lock Lock the item so that it can no longer be deleted on map print. When the item is locked, you cannot deleted it, but you can still change other parameters (colour and background colours, and position).

Edit Text Item


      Double-click on a text item to edit its content and style:

Icons Description
font-type Choose the font.

Select the font size.


Apply a bold font weight.


Apply an italic font style.


Apply an underline font style.

left Align the text to the left.
center Center the text.
right Align the text to the right.
justify Justify the text.


     The title of the print layout automatically displays the map title and the name of the active theme set. Double-click on the title to edit its style with the tools described above.


     Change map view

          You can double-click on the map to recenter the view or change the zoom.


Manage Pages


      The paging tools are:

Icons Description

Delete the current page.


Add a new page.


Indication of the current page number and of the total number of pages.


View the previous page.

next View the next page.