Understand how style properties work

With the style tab, you can customize your points, lines, polygons and even labels to make your maps visually stunning

     The Styles tab allows you to define how to render a map layer's styles. This tab is divided into the following sections:

          - Style Property,

          - Symbol Rotation Column,

          - Transparent Color (Raster),

          - Effects


Style Property


Select one of the following options:

          - Single Style: Single style is used for all features in the layer. Click the Edit Style button to open the Point Style Properties, Polyline Style Properties or Polygon Style Properties dialogue to change the default style.

          - Multiple Style: The style for each feature in the layer is based on the value in the selected identifier column.


     The styles used can be modified by expanding the layer's style classes in the Layer Control or by using the Layer Actions dialogue.


          - MapInfo Table Style: If the layer's source is a MapInfo Table (.tab), the style can be read directly from the information stored in the file. Note that some of the MapInfo style options such as fill and stroke patterns are not supported by the CartoVista Publisher.

Symbol Rotation Column


     This option is available for point layers only. This option is used to rotate the point symbol to a specific angle, based on the value in the specified data column.

Transparent Colour


     This option is available for raster and tile provider layers only. Select the Enabled checkbox and specify a colour to be transparent.



     You can enhance features of point, polyline and polygon layers with a Drop ShadowOuter Glow or Inner Glow effect.

Effect Description Example
Drop Shadow Applies a drop shadow around all the features in the layer. drop-shadow
Outer Glow Applies a glow effect around all the features in the layer. outer-glow
Inner Glow Applies a glow effect around the inside of a feature’s border. For polylines, the effect is more noticeable with thicker stroke widths. inner-glow

     The following parameters apply to one or more of the effect types:

          - Colour: Opens the Color Picker dialogue to define the colour of the effect.
          - Opacity: Sets the effect opacity from transparent (0%) to fully opaque (100%).
          - Size: Sets the effect width in pixels.
          - Strength: Sets how quickly the colour fades out to the blur width.
          - Distance: Sets the number of pixels the drop shadow should be displaced relative to the source feature (only applicable to drop shadow effect).
          - Angle: Sets the angle the shadow should be moved relative to the source feature (only applicable to drop shadow effect).