Style your data

Several layer properties can be modified to fine-tune the styles of the map.

Quickly Modify the Style of a Layer

In the Layer Control, expand the node located on the left of a layer  expand and double-click the <<Default>> symbol. Many settings can be adjusted in the Style Properties dialog such as the size, color and shape.


Modify the Layer Properties

Many other settings can be adjusted by double-clicking the layer's node in the Layer Control. For example, it is possible to change the name of a layer in the General tab of the Layer Properties dialog. In addition, you can apply a Multiply Blend Mode on a polygon layer. This property allows you to see the base map by transparency, without changing the Opacity of the layer's fill color.


Display Labels

Add labels to the map by selecting the labeling column, using the drop-down of the option Label Using Column. You can change the style of labels by clicking Font.