Create isochrones or isodistances

This tool allows you to create areas representing the locations that can be reached at a specific time (isochrone) or distance (isodistance) from a point on the map.

     This tool will allow you to perform very precise analyses in relation to the distance/time of a specific point on your map.


     Activate the Isochrone/Isodistance tool. 

     You have to create your new geocoding service with your HERE Key.

     Go to > Geocoding Services > Create New > Fill in the information needed


     Activate the Isochrone/Isodistance Tool.

     Go to > Map Toolbar > Add the Isochrone/Isodistance tool > Select the HERE Geocoding Service that you have just created before (here Demo - Geomarketing).


     Transportation Mode, Traffic and Departure Time:

     The choice of transportation mode has an impact on the calculation, whether you are choosing a car, a truck or walking. The road traffic also has an impact if you specify a specific departure time.


     Multiple Isochrones/Isodistances:

     You can generate multiple zones at once by typing multiple periods of time or different distances, separated by commas. The tool allows you to represent these areas using a wide variety of colour palettes.


     Comparison of Different Scenarios:

     The option "Clear previous results" allows you to add multiple scenarios from different locations on the map.


Spatial Intersection:

     Make a deeper analysis using the Spatial Intersection tool. You will then get the list of all objects of a layer included in an isochrone or isodistance area. To learn more about the Spatial Intersection tool, click here.