Connect the Publisher to a CartoVista Server

The CartoVista server needs to be connected with the publisher to access the GIS layers and attribute data stored on the server to create maps and to publish on the map portal.

You need to bind the two together.

The binding between the CartoVista Publisher and the CartoVista Server is done automatically starting with version 7.1.

During the installation, a pop-up will ask you for your email address and password.


You need to have the appropriate licensing options to use the publisher and the server.

     1. Open the publisher and go to Tools Preferences.


     2. Click on the CartoVista Server - Web Portal tab and click on the Add Portal tool.


     3. Add the appropriate server by entering:

          - the name you wish to use to register the portal

          - the server URL you use to log into your portal


     4. Sign in as Portal User, entering your user name and password, as set to access the server.


 You will be able to publish all your maps directly on your map portal and to use your server layers.