Default values for territory creation

The map creator of a territory manager can define default values for isochrone creation.

These default values are set in the map settings. From the Map Gallery, click on your map name to open the information panel. Then click on the Territories tab.

This tab allows you to view and/or manage:


Layers IDs

The first part of the Territories tab informs you of the blocks, points of sales and territories layers that are used in the map.

Address search constraint

You can set the country in which the territories are located to limit the search results by address. The country is identified by a two-letter code: US, CA, FR, etc.

The list of codes for all countries is available here.

Parameters for territory creation

This part allows you to define the default values for the creation of territories.


The simple mode allows to choose :

  • distance type: Time, Distance, As the crow fliesdistance-type
  • transport mode: car, public transport, walking.
  • drive time (Minutes)
  • the type of spatial selection: you can choose the block selection method once the isochrone is drawn
    • Have their centroid within the blocks whose centroid is inside the isochrone will be added to the territory
    • Are entirely within: the blocks located entirely inside the isochrone will be added to the territory
    • Intersect: the blocks that intersect the isochrone will be added to the territory
  • Default status: choose the default status when new territory is createddefault-state


The Zones section allows you to rename each zone and change its default travel time. You can also delete the largest zone, or add a zone.


⚠️  Adding or removing a zone will have a direct impact on your territories: blocks will be added or removed from all territories.