Create a map with Raster Grid Layers

Once you have uploaded your GeoTIFF data to the CartoVista Server, you can use the CartoVista Publisher to create maps.

Add a grid layer

The list of available Raster Grid Data is displayed under the server node in the Server Tabulation of the Map Source Manager.


ℹ️   If you have no raster grid data yet on your server, you need to Upload your Geotiff data first before creating a map.

Drag and drop the layer you want to create your map.



ℹ️    You can also right-click on your layer and select Create a new map window.

Choose your layer's style and parameters

Click on the layer properties to configure the layer name, visibility and other settings.
The default blend mode for grid layer is Multiply.

Colour rendering

Click on the styles tabulation to choose how to display the grid data:

  • Choose the number of inflection points and assign a value, color and opacity for each point.

  • Use the predefined color palettes to choose a color scheme:


  • Use the label to setup a label for the inflection point.

  • Choose the rendering, either linear (gradient) or discrete (contour polygons):

    Linear (Gradient) Discrete
    linear-rendering discrete-rendering
  • Choose the shaded relief option to add a relief effect to your layer:
  • The Smooth rendering option allows you to choose between smooth or sharp rendering of the pixels.
Smoothing rendering No smoothing rendering 
smoothing-option no-smoothing-option

  • Finally, the Load and Save Buttons can be used to save your grid layer to a file to reuse it (load).
    The settings are saved in a JSON file that looks like this:
    "points": [
    "value": 42,
    "min": 42,
    "max": 82.2,
    "label": "42",
    "color": "rgba(68,1,84,1)"
    "value": 179.7,
    "min": 162.5,
    "max": 202.6,
    "label": "179.7",
    "color": "rgba(39,127,142,1)"
    "value": 363.2,
    "min": 323,
    "max": 363.2,
    "label": "363.1",
    "color": "rgba(253,231,37,1)"
    "colorPalette": "VIRIDIS",
    "calculation": "EQUAL_RANGES",
    "isLinearRendering": false,
    "isShadedRelief": false,
    "min": 42.0400009155,
    "max": 363.1499938965,
    "precision": 1

Arrow rendering

Choose the arrow mode for the directional